More Wimpish Talk


What Else to Say? What else is this except Wimpish Talk from a ‘supreme leader?’ Seeing all the glittering gold on this man, had hoped for some stronger words.

pope francis the wimp


Here’s MY message for him:

francis, this is a NICE message for the many who feel lost, lonely and helpless.

But you are the earthly leader of a church which also contains MAFIA BOSSES, DRUG LORDS, PIMPS, (You should Know what a Pimp is, francis), PAEDOPHILES, PEOPLE WHO SELL THE COUNTRY (aka politicians), CORRUPT JUDGES, POLICE AND OFFICIALS.

And People feel Lost, Lonely and Helpless because of THESE.

Don’t you have the GUTS to tell them something HARD, something that would make them THINK and CHANGE?

If you say you do, I say it is NOT Enough. you do not EAT 5% of your capacity, do you? Then WHY are just about 5% of your words like that? Shame, Shame.


And, my Dears, ‘leaders’ will change ONLY when We tell them to. If We Keep Accepting Wimps, they will REMAIN Wimps, and keep talking as Wimps. Or Whatever.



7 thoughts on “More Wimpish Talk”

  1. Perfectly said, Swami Ji. Popes, like most supreme Hindu priests, are essentially political creatures.
    I have been planning something on manicures, pedicures and religion. Can a perfectly manicured priest truly be one with God? Yes, but more often not

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    1. That is Very Well said, my Dear Rajiv! YEARS ago, when the ‘Illustrated Weekly of India’ was there, there was something very akin to what You are raising in it; that of Catholic priests (trying) living as Sannyasis. Only problem was, the priest, even while celebrating the Puja, (the ‘Mass), was wearing a Gold watch. …Even today I know Catholic ‘sannyasis’ of this kind, with gold chains around their necks. Yuck. …Go to it. Regards.


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