Anxiety, and…

As We grow, We come to recognize and Realize that problems like Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, etc, are things that Take Hold of People, and that it would be Very, Very difficult, if not impossible, for them to come out of these. We Should Sympathize with them. Anxiety and Other kinds of difficulties fall under this Same Category. Things over which People have Very little control.

We live in an age that has taught Us to look at these things as Sicknesses, which is what they Are, of course. We do not frown, or Look down upon a person with a Head Ache or a Stomach Ache. Those with Problems like Drug Addiction, Alcoholism or Anxiety Need Our Time, Hearty Love and Support. That would be Love.


Came across a post that Speaks these things powerfully through the media of Sketches. As I could not find a ‘Re-post’ facility in it, am giving You its reference. Kudos to Sophie Wright. (Psst… Go for the Second one!)

Sophie’s post With a Much Better picture Quality is to be seen at:

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