To my Hindu Friends

Many accuse Christians of Forced Conversion. …Before I write on this, let me say that I have MANY Friends among Hindus. After all, more than 8 out of 10 (88%) in India are Hindus. So it is Natural that Christians mingle and interact with Hindus.

Christians are accused of Forced conversions. This matter should be easily solved. There are Enough laws in this regard. The government can easily take steps if such charges are True. Christian Population has gone down from a high of 3% some years ago to 2.6% at present. This disproves Conversions by Force or by Enticement.

To repeat, Christians are accused of Forced conversions. Whereas FRINGE ELEMENTS of Hindus Forcibly prevent Us from Worshipping even on Holy days like Good Friday. (Read article).

hindu fringe elements

This Photo accompanied the article in Facebook.

Special days of Christians like Christmas and Good Friday have become targeted. So called ‘good governance day’ kept on Christmas; judges have months of holidays, but have meeting on Good Friday.

WHAT HURTS Us Christians is that Our Hindu Friends do not Protest for Us. Christians expect their Hindu Friends to protest against the Violent Fringe Elements among them.

Reference to article:


  1. A handful of Hindu fanatics are holding the country to ransom. They are as condemnable as Islamist terrorists. Both thrive on unrest and violence. They persist b’cos of political support, with all its accompanying misused power and misused money.
    The average Hindu (or indeed anyone of any religion) is more concerned with survival and peace.

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  2. Give me a break!! u have a pastor that said after his trip to India ‘780 souls harvested’ and one evangelist who made a video in tirupati of him shouting expletives against Lord Balaji and saying other hindus will go to hell for following a pagan why dont u go and stop those guys in ur community and stop bothering us


    • 1. I reply to this person for many Reasons, though he/she calls himself/herself ‘leo,’ a Christian name, and writes against Christianity, …without having the courtesy of showing his/her face.

      2. There are Fringe elements Everywhere, including Christianity. And I have written Against Bad Christians Quite a Lot, which mr/mrs/miss leo has not bothered to check.

      3. We cannot ‘stop’ our fringe elements, but We can try, by raising our voices against them. …mr/mrs/miss leo, search my site for key words: Inquisition, Crusades, Greed, pope, Religion, Christianity, and you will find that I have spoken out quite a lot against all these.

      4. you, mr/mrs/miss leo, have not done anything of this kind.


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