Been Feeling Heavy

I really can’t say I have been feeling Heavy Hearted. A Simple, am feeling Heavy describes it Best. And, as Usual, am sharing this so that my Fellow Sufferers would see how I am managing! 🙂

It is not exactly heaviness of the Body, Sluggishness or Dullness either. It is Not something Spiritual like the ‘Dark Night’ or something. I do seem to have quite a lot of energy. Yet. Call this ‘Soul Weary?’

No Big Secrets here. Of course my Mom‘s passing away Did make a difference. Had not thought that it would, what with my age, (67), and my being a Sannyasi and all. But Christ remembered His Mother On the Cross, too. But Most Probably it is my Over Working.

All this goes to prove another theory of mine too – that Life does go according to ‘Seasons’ or Festivals. Like, We are in the Easter season, and We are Just supposed to be Happy, or something. You can feel Dull on Any day!

Christ is Tortured on Christmas and Easter too, and He Rises Triumphant on Good Friday as well.

In all this, I have been getting these words from Mark 6:31:

“Come and Rest a While.”


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It is Wonderful that God wants us Not Just to Work. He is Concerned about our Well being. 

So I have been Resting Much More these days. Today I got to see the movie: The Game Plan, and found it delightful.

So, my Dear Friend, If YOU are finding Yourself Weary, Heavy and all that, Take His words to heart, and Rest Awhile. Happy Resting to You, indeed. Hearty Regards to You All. 🙂


    • Hello, Rajiv! …Christ ‘was’ not tortured on Christmas. I have used the verb in the present tense!

      When the Apostle Paul had his Experience of Christ, Christ had asked him the famous words: “Why are you persecuting Me?” Acts 9:4.

      At the time of these words, Christ was Not on this Earth in the Physical form that He had taken.

      The words show that Each and Every blow suffered by us is Borne by Him.

      And That Persecution is taking place Every day.

      A Single glass of water offered to a poor man is one offered to Christ. Any and Every Unnecessary blow is one delivered to Christ. Thus my words.


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