That Leadership Journey – What Do We Stand For?

I am Sure my Friend Rajiv will forgive me when I write this ‘Long’ Introduction before Reblogging his Well Written post.

My Father was entitled to travel First class, and I remember the ‘Space‘ that was available in that kind of travel. The ‘Third’ class ‘Looked,’ and Was Crowded, and was little different from today’s Second class, which are different Only in that these have Cushioned seats.

Before I come to our mindset, I would say that Our situation has Not changed Much. The Overcrowded Trains and Buses make Travel a Nightmare, unless You are fortunate enough to have a ‘Reservation.’ But I think of the majority of Our Countrymen.

Now The Mindset:

MANKIND’S MINDEST IS NO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT IT WAS WHEN the ARYANS invaded India; from the time of the ROMAN empire, When India had KINGS, to Whatnot. …The Rich and the Well to do, or the Powerful like the 6 inch taller young man, remained in their comfort, and cared Exactly Two Jots about Others.

Does the Mindset have to Change?

A One word Answer: YES.

A One word Question Now: HOW (to bring this about?).

The Answer to this will fill Encyclopaedias. But in Short I would say that WE ALL HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING FOR IT. ALL OF US. AND IT IS NOT A PART TIME JOB.


I just finished reading Mahatma Gandhi’s book, “My experiments with truth”, on my Kindle. I do find some of his beliefs to be strange and quaint, but I am not here to criticise his beliefs. At least, he had the courage to live by them, even though many people thought of him as a cunning politician (which, I am sure, he was).

He has spoken a lot of his train journeys in the third class compartments of India. I use road trips in India, and write about them, as a metaphor for life. So, let me use M K Gandhi’s experiences in the trains of India.

He speaks about the lousy conditions of the third class compartments. He mentioned that there was a huge difference between the travelling conditions of a first class compartment and a third class one. He also compared it with Europe, where the differences are not…

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