The Answer to the Problem of Suffering


The Answer to the Problem of Suffering is an Extremely Precious one. It is Absolutely Difficult to come by, and Very Hard Earned. I intend to Incorporate it into my Novel. Here, the Internet is Too Open a space for Deep Sharings like that. But this post will show that there IS an Answer to the Problem of Suffering. One that Deeply Satisfies. One that Makes a Difference in Our lives. One that Enables one to Live. For me, this is saying a Lot.


This article is the fourth in the series on Bible Study.

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  2. The Problem of Suffering
  3. My Journey on the Road to Peace
  4. The Answer to the Problem of Suffering!
  5. Understanding the Bible
  6. Ezekiel’s vision of God
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The last three pertain to Bible Study, per se. The Others deal with the Use and the Advantages of Studying the Bible.


During my Crisis, (as in my article 3 above), I was attending a seminar in Patna. In that, one of the speakers spoke of a young boy who died of Cancer. This boy, before he expired, told his parents that they Should celebrate the festival of the 4th of July (they were in the States; and he did not want them to forego it because of his demise). He said that he wanted to watch the Fireworks from the Heavens.

Did You Weep when You read this story? I did, and copiously. That is what happens when You have a Break-down. It was not only that. I remember seeing a picture of a man, Tied, and put on the floor-board of a rickshaw, and a fat policeman sitting on the seat, his feet on the tied man, with a grin on his face. The picture, and its memory, used to fill me with Anger.

Indian rickshaw

No, please. This is Not That rickshaw!  Image:


These days, I am in close and regular contact with a small family. The father is a Compulsive Gambler. He is one of those who expects his wife and children not only to feed and keep him, but also support his indulgence. As a result, the whole family is Very Badly Ill Nourished. The man has felt free to Beat his wife if she was not giving him money. Whenever she felt she had had enough of it, she used to go to her brother’s house, where she was Not Welcome. An Extra mouth to feed, on a regular basis, who wants that? And the Woman is such a pile of Skin and Bones that she cannot go for regular work.

There are two girls in this family. The elder, let’s call her Preeti, about 26 years old now, is an Un-wed mother. Practically everybody in the neighbourhood knows who the father of the little one is, but it makes no difference. In India they feel that it is enough to ‘Look Down’ on people like these, and that this fulfils their duty. Such girls would not be allowed to mix with other girls in the neighbourhood. So they lead a very Lonely life.

In India it would not even be Thinkable that such Women Earn a living and Live by themselves. A Woman living alone under such circumstances is considered as ‘Offering herself for the flesh trade.’ Preeti had to find a roof under her father’s one-room house. And that one room, by the way, was It. It was bed room cum store room cum kitchen cum everything. That’s how great a house Preeti’s father maintains. …She keeps on putting up with his verbal abuse. Till the boy reached the age of about 3, she kept house for the family. Now she goes and works in a small factory.

I came to know Preeti and her family about 15 years ago, and have constantly kept in touch with them. When she was growing up, Preeti was a Lively, Happy Child.

We cannot say that it is because of Circumstances that she is Listless and Lifeless today. A man decides to Gamble, or whatever. A woman Could have put her foot down, taken help from neighbours and relatives, etc, and tried to control the situation at home. But alas, are not Listlessness and Apathy the Sin of Mankind? Preeti’s ‘life’ is the result of her parent’s behaviour, as well as that of society.

The fellow who had ‘enjoyed’ Preeti is a young man, and they are looking for alliances for him, amidst much pomp and splendour. For they are well to do people. And Young Preeti goes about with Dead Eyes. And most probably will go on like this all her life. Of course I try to do what I can for her and her family.

But the Worst part of her life story is that Preeti has become a Crafty, Calculating person. Her Poverty, and the Slaps given her by life, have made her like this. It is Heartbreaking to observe her like this, every time I go to * where she lives.


Old Woman working

The picture above shows the condition of Many Elderly in India. We can see many Old men, very much underweight, supplying water to eateries by carrying it in two cans suspended on a bamboo, a total of about 40 kilograms per trip. Whereas the poor man himself would be weighing about 50 kilos at the most. …Or carrying wood.

This old woman quite possibly is carrying wood for her own home. But the Children of these people can Very well Insist that these Elderly Stop doing hard work like this and Sit and Enjoy their old age.

If somebody says that such work is necessitated by circumstances, then I ask: Is Poverty of this level to be Acceptable? …Suffering Still Exists. The Innocent, the Young and the Old, the Very Young and the Very Old, Continue to suffer.

Now I bring You my Trick Question: Do You see Yesudas Broken, or Blabbering away, today? What fault can We find with his writing; his logic, choice or words or his presentation?

I have shown that such kinds of Sad Stories Had broken me in my earlier life, before I got my Answers to the Problem of Suffering. I hope that You will Accept that the Problem of Suffering is Not able to Break me.

Ah, Yesudas is Too full of Fire. But What is wrong with that? If We do not fight for Our Poorer Brothers and Sisters, who will? As they ask: If Not You, then Who? They use these words not only in the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, but also in Anti-Tobacco advertisements done by the Indian government. We Have to be on Fire for Mankind.


The Good Lord, through the Bible, Does give Excellent Answers to the Problem of Suffering. Those Answers take Broken men like me and stand them on their feet, and keep them going at High Speeds, over Long Distances, for Very Long Times indeed.

These kinds of Revelations are Not supposed to be shared thus lightly. If anybody Is interested, I could guide them, if they would contact me personally. …Regards.


18 thoughts on “The Answer to the Problem of Suffering”

      1. I believe all the answers to your questions have already been presented in my post, my Dear Eedee.

        If a person has developed any Trust in me from my previous writings, that person could gain some positives.

        If a person is interested in finding out the Answer to such deep questions, it would take more than ‘googling’ for that. This I have mentioned too.



      2. I do believe you are too fast, Eedee. There are many points involved. To put it at the Simplest, if I were thinking of handing over my business to my son, I would definitely wait till he was of 25, at least! Gift, Giver, Recipient, all answered!


      3. Lol! Good answer! 🙂 I would add that in this case I don’t believe it it is a case of waiting for the son to mature, (although yes, I know you gave a simple case scenario).

        I believe that it is the meeting of 2 machines/ minds/ cultures/ ages.
        One appears to move more in line with the pace of nature, like a beautiful donkey, taking it’s time to smell the flowers on it’s way to the field? The other, moves at the pace of a car. There are gears, and they use them to keep up with the general pace of their world, slowing down occasionally, but not often. No flower smelling, except on specifically set aside days. And in this disparate setting either one will speed up occasionally or the other will slow down occasionally, or they will merely wave in a 2 second greeting every now and then as the car hoots his horn and speeds past the donkey on the way to the field.


      4. Eedee, Thank You for that response. But frankly, I am lost.

        To go back to my father son example, to continue in that, it might even turn out that the son Never gets the gift, if he does not prove worthy of it.

        I am not able to understand Your donkey/car example. But from what I understand, I am one who would put my level of happiness at 80% (most get only 30), And have also tasted the dregs of life.

        AND, I have No intention of sharing these my experiences, of the fruits thereof, to somebody I might find travelling with me on a bus.

        To go further, In India We have the Upnishad, …A Guru is not even Obliged to accept any and every student, unless and until the latter has proved himself worthy, AND, We have the Lord’s:

        Non MIttendur, and, Do not go to the Samaritan towns.

        Regards. Keep it coming. I like it, and I like You! Love.


      5. I perfectly understood your example the first time, but you did not understand mine – so who is REALLY the student? Lol.

        I thought my donkey / car analogy was great but I won’t explain it further either citing your own reasons. Hah! 🙂


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