Oh World, my World! 001

If a Cockroach is Killed, the Monks leave their Meals

But if Hundreds die in Pakistan, or Nigeria or South America,

They Just Continue their Eating.

Because the Dying did not happen ‘Within their Walls.’

Oh World, my World!


As You might have guessed, this alludes to ‘The Next Karate Kid.’ But this is Not aimed against those Buddhist Monks.

Monks, Christian or of any Religion, seem to be the same. They seem to Need 46 Acres for Four and a Half of them! I personally know of a place where 4 people (Oh, sorry, monks) live in Four and a half acres of land.

Some Images now: Below, a monastery. Where this is is Immaterial. It is just a monastery with Grounds. This is the ‘Standard’ for monasteries. Oh, there will be exceptions. But We will find them in this same ‘Style,’ in Every corner of the world, even in the poorest countries.

Monastery with Grounds

This Poor lady shown below lives there with her Husband and Seven Children. Sure. We are going to criticise her for having begotten 7 children. The Look on her Face, and the Look on the Face of the Child, Do Not Matter. After asking above question, We shall move on.

Our Very Bowels should be Moved, Folks, Our Very Bowels should be Moved. That would be Love.

9 People in one room

Oh World, my World!


  1. This is a sad post. God needs, or seems to need, a lot of physical space and comfort. Which is why I don’t believe in religion.
    God should only need the space in your heart

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    • Alas, let us Not Blame God for this.

      Krishna was born in a Cell, and He accepted that. Christ was born in a Manger, and He accepted that, to give Just two examples.

      God’s so called ‘followers’ want Lots of Space, and Everything else. 😦


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