Oh World, my World! 003

I found that as soon as I posted this picture of the ‘Philosophical’ Baby, I got 17 Million Followers and 118 Million Likes!

Philosophical Baby*******

Something Important is happening in India’s Madhya Pradesh, Khandwa area. Over some project that the government has taken up, Farmers and Dwellers are Not Happy with the so called compensation that it is giving. Hence the Protesters, Women and Men, have Entered Water, and are doing a Jal Satyagraha! Today makes it their 28th Day!


The following is an excerpt:

Madhya Pradesh Police have taken position near Gholgagon village, where over two dozen protesters have been staging jal satyagraha over the last 28 days.

Woman in Water in Satyagraha
The protesters say the police is mobilising in massive numbers in the nearby villages. Police boats have also entered water to keep a close watch on the protesters.

Many protesters, who expect the police to crackdown on them tonight, are disappointed that the chief minister opted to send the police instead of solving their problem.

Skin has completely peeled off their feet, which are infected with fungal sores.

Jal Satyagrahi's feet



How many Words of Sympathy, How many Shares/Reblogs for this piece of News?

Oh World, my World!


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