Oh World, my World! 004

What is Reality?


The Philosophers had been Invited to Discuss on Reality. The meeting had been going on for 35,007 years. And they were having a Merry Time!



In the meantime, in Timbuctoo, a Home for the Aged, run by an Non Governmental Organization, needed a Cook. They found the Perfect person. This was a Woman, who had become SO fed up with her Drunken husband, that she had tried to kill her two small children and herself. She did not succeed in that.

So the in-charge of the Home brought her there, and told her her duties. But within a few days, the in-charge’s assistant took a dislike to the Woman.

So the Woman was called, and told to go and bring the following Certificates(!):

  1. From her Village Headman
  2. From her Village Administrative Officer
  3. Her Voter’s ID
  4. Her Aadhaar card
  5. Her elder child’s School leaving certificate
  6. Medical Certificates
  7. And One more, I forget what that was.

All these from a Woman who had had to run away from her Home and husband, who had not a penny to her name, and who just wanted to Die in Peace.

I do not know the Ending of this story. Yet.


The Philosopher’s meeting, as to What is Reality, is still going on.

Oh World, my World!

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