Of Course Abortion is Murder, …BUT!

Except in the Rarest of Rare cases, Abortion IS Murder.


Our Heart HAS to go out in SYMPATHY for those Poor Women who have to face this Dilemma. Society is Very Much to Blame for Most Abortions. 

When politicos, crooked judges, drug lord, pimps and many such are Churning out Zombies and the Living Dead by the Thousands, society just cannot afford to take a holier-than-thou attitude.


Abortion IS murder

So Ok, I too notice that Smirky, Snotty, Holier-than-Thou Smile, and all that on the face of this placard holder. But let us not blame this Old man either. He represents Many of Us. More on this later.

Image via http://www.tonsmorecowbell.blogspot.com


Nobody thinks twice about killing a germ. Killing an Animal is Not termed Murder, But,

Wilfully Killing a Human Being Is Murder.

And What Grows in the Womb of the Human Female Is a Human Being.

Unless she happened to swallow one of those Magic seeds or something. In the movie ‘Jack the Giant Killer,’  the way Jack succeeds in killing the leader of the giants is interesting. He has one of those Magic beans. He throws one into the giant’s mouth. From that sprouts the biggest Vine possible, by which the giant is killed!

jack giant slayer

Graphic: greatoldmovies.blogspot.com

There are Enough  so called ‘scientists,’ who say that the Embryo is Not a Human Being until umpteen months. Let’s not blame the Poor Buggers. They are as Greedy as the next human being.

It is said that the Embryo looks like a Pipe or something at stage A, and, as I am not too sure of all that they say, I shall improvise here. Let us say that the Fertilized Ovum does look like a Pipe. Ok, folks. High time some enterprising Hardware tycoon developed this into Big business! Then, maybe this same Embryo at some other stage resembles a plant. Let them take it out and see if they can grow Valuable Red-woods, or Teak trees! Maybe, at some stage it even resembles the Dinosaurs! Bing ho! Dinosaurs can roam our streets once more. …Idiots.

The famous GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Good seed, Good plant. The Human Embryo WILL develop into a Human Being Unless something had been Catastrophically wrong.


The Extraordinary circumstance which would Justify an Abortion would be When and If the Mother’s Life is Endangered by the Pregnancy or Childbirth. And this has to be Vouched for by a Doctor. Not one of those who are for Sale, like the scientist who Advocated Leaded Petroleum, Robert Kehoe.

To say I fear the Childbirth, or that Society or my family will not accept my child, etc, do Not constitute the Extraordinary circumstance.


Let’s come to the Attitude of Protesters. It is Definitely what the church Cutely calls ‘Un-Charitable.’ It is Extremely Unkind and Un-Christian. Sure. But that does not make Abortion anything but Murder.

Cheap ‘society’ even in the days of Jesus wanted to kill Women caught in Adultery. Conveniently, the men who had committed that act would be allowed to throw stones!


Source: http://frjeromeosjv.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/carissimitodaysmasssaturdaylentiii2/

The man/juvenile responsible for this Child, (even if he was one of Many who might have had intercourse with her), the Family which had not brought up this man and the girl/woman well and properly, the Family which Refuses to Accept the Girl and her Child, and Society which Makes this Happen and then Thumbs it’s nose, Are ALL Responsible for this Murder.

However Old fashioned it may sound, a man like the Hero in the movie ‘Blast from the Past,’ would be a REAL MAN. If a male is going to drool, slobber and drop his pants as soon as he sees a naked woman, what Greatness is there in that? It Depends upon Upbringing. This goes for the Womenfolk too, of course.

Real Man

Graphic from: www.moviestillsdb.com


On the Role of Society

Just as I am writing this, I came across this piece of news: Coach and Player Suspended following Altercation. That this happened is proved by the graphic I provide below:

Player n coach suspended

[This is the result of my own search on Google. In the graphic We have that (Only) the Coach was suspended. But, Careful Listener that I am, I had distinctly noted that Both coach and Player had been announced and suspended, and following the Media questioning Why the Player was, the board seems to have changed its judgement.

Though I might seem to Digress from my point, it brings out the Fact that When things get talked about, things Change.]

…Coming back to the Incident, the CCTV footage on TV had shown the coach, a 19 year old man, grappling with the Player, a 14 year old Girl! The Girl was fighting him off. But,

When the man retreated into his own room, The Girl followed him inside, of her own volition.

burning matchstick c

You light a Matchstick and then tell it, “C’mon my Dear! Burn Just as far as the Head, and burn No father,” is it going to Comply? Graphic from Internet.

You touch a person Sexually and Expect feelings Not to be Aroused?

Here comes the role of Society. Society KNOWS that this Can happen, when You leave a Young Man and Woman by themselves. The Parents know this, and so do the Organizers. But they allow these Circumstances, Without taking Responsibility for What Follows. Money beckons! Sports is bringing in Mucho money!

This man had Enticed her, Molested her; he certainly did not Rape her. But, If the Girl gets pregnant,

  • Society, (Indian Society at large, at least), would not be ready to give Accommodation to the family in their midst!
  • Almost No man or family would come for her hand in marriage.
  • The Girl’s family might even throw her out!

Then Why are We So Surprised and Shocked at Abortion?


The memory of an Abortion eats into the Soul like Acid, and remains there like Lead Poison. Many have Suffered this. So Just Avoid it, and the Circumstances that lead to that.


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  1. It’s a sad situation many women have to deal with and it’s a sad society that doesn’t care and we have to live in. Growing up in Bosnia I thought abortion is ok and normal, I’ve heard so many women talk about it like it’s nothing “got pregnant, took care of it, life goes on”…. Later when I came to live in the US and learned about God, my perception changed. I am so grateful for that!!! Until people allow God to change their hearts, nothing’s going to change.


    • Thanks, Sibi, for Your comment.

      But Change has to take place in many, many levels. As You have shown, there is difference in the Religious understanding and ‘level’ in Bosnia and the US.

      That is brought about by the Pastors, Ministers, Priests, Bishops, the pope, etc.

      Every Family Member has to Change.

      Only then will the Ground Reality change.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree, but ultimately this needs to be the collective change of consciousness – believing in God of Creation, Love, Mercy and Grace. When we believe in creation, we are not going to think how to destroy it! This is where it all starts: with God!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you are continuing this ‘discussion.’ BUT, What is there to ‘believe’ in creation? Belief is on things Unseen. Creation does not need belief. Belief would be a wrong Verb to use for this.

        Also, as I pointed out, A-Z have to take Responsibility for Abortion. The pope to the clergy who do not speak out, (that is why abortion is not considered big in Bosnia), and Parents of the Girl and the Boy.

        To say: believe in creation is over simplifying things, and I cannot even see how it applies here.


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