Helpful Bible Verses …0001 …Psalm 23:6

Under this title, I begin a New series. The title could have been Bible Verses that Helped me, and that would Very Much be the Truth. I start with Psalm 23:6, which means the 6th verse of the 23rd Psalm. This is one of my Favourites, and one that Helped me Live.

I present my Own translation of the verse:

“Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life.”

relaxed man


Now a few words on the verse. ‘Only Goodness and Kindness!’ Is that not an amazing statement? Does life seem so? Would We even Imagine that our lives would be so?

But that Is God’s plan for Us. Given the Freedom and Opportunity (Yes, We Do have the Freedom even to Refuse God!), He Not Only makes Us Realize the Truth, He makes it a Reality in Our lives. I attest to that.


For Best Effect and Results, All these verses are meant to be used as Mantras for Dhyaan.


For an interesting instance of God’s Goodness in Real life, please click here.

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