self love, Christ, and Others!

This post is to show that Christ Jesus Did NOT Teach or Practice self love.

[This is a sequel to: self love is NOT love, and, self love Creates Problems. It would be Best to read this after those.]

I have to go back to the often misquoted saying of Christ’s: “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.” Mark 12:30-31. And I have to refer to the Interpreters of the same, in this case many catholic priests, who are very much like the Wise Men of Hindostan! All these, Blind as Bats, as they say, when brought in front of an Elephant, said the the creature was Just what they encountered.

6 blind men and the elephant

In the case of the Interpreters of the words of Christ, they choose to remain with What they Prefer!


If Christ had loved Just Himself, would there have been a Good Friday, and the Ensuing Salvation?

Jesus on the Cross

If Gandhi had practised self love, and tried to avoid the sticks on his head and the jail, would India have got her Independence?

under the british

[The picture above says it really well! We Indians were ‘Under’ the british! Whatever the elaborate head gear, a symbol of respect and dignity, one had to sit at the ‘feet’ of that foreigner.]

If Nelson Mandela had thrown down the towel, to avoid the people who had buried him upto the neck in the ground and were further Urinating on him, what would have happened? The white police would have kept on checking the passes of the Blacks.

police check passes of the blacks

Christ, the Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, to name just a few, Did Not practice self love.


  1. hmmm, but I do believe that they practised self love too. Otherwise they would not have reached what they wanted in life, they would have let the body to on its ways and practise the normal life of a human, this implies the respect and love what they had themselves.


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