self love Creates Problems!

Why are there Problems in the world at all? self love does that. It is because each is SO busy loving his/her self, they either Ignore or Won’t Make time to Think of Others in a Meaningful Way, or worse, would Consciously Put down Others.

[This post follows: self love is NOT love.]

Is not narcissism a Fixation, a Sickness? Of course it is!

narcissus loves himself!

There are Many proponents who would say: ‘You cannot love Others if You do not love Yourself,’ and, ‘Loving oneself is the first step to Loving Others,’ and all that Blah. Show me Ten People who Love Others, Live for Others, and Even talk about self love!

There are Millions who have been trapped into this ‘self love’ pit. Even catholic priests Preach that! The Completely Mis-Interpret Christ’s: “Love your Neighbour As yourself.” Mark 12:30-31. Sure, if You Hate Yourself, You Cannot Love Others.

In the Verse quoted above, Christ says: 1. Love God, and 2. Love Your Neighbour. There-Is-No-Interim-verse-saying-Love-Your-self. Even a Donkey loves itself, and Even a Child Loves Itself.

Christ says, You know how to love Yourself, and You Do love Yourself; Now Get off that Couch, and Go and Be of some Use to Your Neighbour.


Teaching a person to love himself/herself becomes Necessary when their past had gone wrong, and When they have Started Hating Themselves. There, and in that situation, one has to be Taught to love oneself. But We are Always supposed to Progress to Loving Others.

Loving oneself is supposed to be Nothing but the First step in Loving Others.


It is like learning the Alphabets. We are Not supposed to Stop with learning these, nor Recite the Alphabets all our life!

the alphabets

Similarly, self love is like standing on Thin Ice. We have to Move off Immediately, Or, Down We go!


Image: Walking_On_Thin_Ice_by_X_ample

So let Us Proceed, Folks, to Loving Others. To stop and remain at self love would only create Problems.


  1. well, this clears me off with some more lights with what I meant in the last post. Absolutely it’s true, we all love ourself and hence there is no meaning of talking or explicitly talk about self loving.Every creature loves itself and we need to spread the love unto others! nice post by the way

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  2. After so much trauma and pain by others, I had to learn to “love” myself, but only in the sense of my true worth. I had to learn that I mattered in this life. It is the Ego that wants us to focus that learned love on ourselves rather than on others. Transcend the ego and that love is what we give to all. 🙂

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    • You say it Very well, my Dear Kim: I quote You:

      “It is the Ego that wants us to focus that learned love on ourselves rather than on others.

      Transcend the ego and that love is what we give to all.”


      Love and Regards. 🙂

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