God and The Lord – Synonymous

For the Christian, the words God, and The Lord, are Synonymous. There is No difference between God and The Lord. We are dealing with English, of course. For the Yahwistic and the Elohistic traditions, deeper study is suggested.


On the words God and Lord

The Roman emperors were addressed as the Lord. Rome was the biggest empire of that time. It reigned over Numerous nations. The emperor, and he alone, was called the Lord, signifying that he was the highest personage.

For the Early Christians, to note that Jesus was being given that Name, The Lord, meant He was the Highest too!

Judges, as they held sway over life and death, and as they were considered people of really high degree, have been called ‘My Lord.’ But, right from the beginning of time, judges, for the Most part, have proved themselves Unworthy of it. In any case, worthy or not, I would call it Sacrilegious that a name that is used for God is given to Mere men.

In India, if We find many called ‘Prabhu,’ (Lord) etc, is actually means a Commemoration of the Deity. It is not deifying somebody.

This does not refer to the philosophy of Advaitism.

Nor to the practice of calling people ‘Devata,’ (god), etc. (You will find people saying: “Aap Devata hain,” which is something like saying: “You are a god.”)


God and The Lord Synonymous in the Bible

Let us take the Book of Genesis.

  • In its First chapter, (proceeding slightly into the second, upto verse 4a), the word God is used. Leaving out the Pronouns, God is the Only word used to signify the Divine.
  • In the Second and the Third Chapters, We find the combined words: Lord God.
  • The Fourth chapter uses the words: The Lord, Except once, in verse 25, where the word ‘God’ is used.

Let us proceed to the Book of Exodus now.

The famous Third chapter, where Moses gets his Vision of God, uses Both the words God and The Lord.

Moses and the Burning Bush

Image: moses-burningbush-aug312014-gebhard-fugel-1920

I wonder if there is any Need or Use in multiplying examples.


All this Amply proves that the words God and The Lord are Synonymous in the Bible, and for Christians.

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