Nothing can bring me down today!

I would make this a Question: ‘Nothing can bring Us down?’ Are We Sure We want to say that?

The ‘way’ of Starting the day is Not Important. What is Important is that We Be Happy Throughout the Day.

I Very much disagree with the Idea that Nothing can bring me down. I would teach methods whereby ‘Nothing can Keep me down!’

Only the Stone Hearted, the Absolutely Shameless or the Totally Uncaring would not ‘Be’ down. When a 100 children are killed by terrorists, If we are Not ‘down,’ then We are worse than animals.

To say ‘That is what I meant’ means Poor writing. Exactness in words alone would mean Exactness in Thought!

Wish You All All the Best. Regards and Blessings.

Morning Angel

This day has started so great, even before I opened my eyes.

I slowly got aware of that I’m awake.

Listened to the sounds of the world around me

The bus stopping just outside my window, the gas station saying thank you to another lucky customer, the dogs barking in the small park

I could feel that this day was just like any other day for everyone, but for me

This day

This morning

I am happy! And nothing can bring me down!

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