A Weird Story!

Or should I title this post as A Weird Woman, Madness, A Mad Story, or what?

Rabindranath Tagore held that a Story Has to be Fictional; that it Cannot be Factual. In that case this is Not a Story. This really happened. And it happened like this:

There is a Poor Woman  (let Us call her PW), who is a Widow, and she has a Daughter aged about 16 years now. The girl has just finished her 10th class exams. The girl is also a Thin little thing, measuring a Perfect 25-25-25, as Erma Brombeck would have said.

Now the Woman has a brother (let Us call him B), who is about 45 years old, is married and has Daughter of his own. The man is also having relationship with another woman, and his Wife is Severely Objecting to this.

The man does not like it. His Wife Objecting to things, that is. And the Weird thing is that the Woman, PW, of whom I had started talking about, Supports her brother in this, – and Criticises her Sister in law for criticising her husband!

Good old PW is going to the extent of Wanting to Marry off her Daughter, the 16 year old, 25-25-25 to her brother B.

So this becomes Not Only a case of Child Marriage. It is one of:

  • A 45 year Old, Married man with a Fairly grown up Child,
  • Already having Extramarital relations,
  • On the Verge of Marrying his 16 Year old 25-25-25 Niece.

For me the Weird thing is that the Mother of the Girl, PW, is not just supporting this, but is Highly Enthused about it.


12 yr old girl wedded to 14 yr old boy

This photograph is Just by way of Interest. The groom is all of 14 years, and the Bride, a Full, Mature 12 years OLD! Sigh.


So tell me, How would YOU entitle this post?

  • The Mad Woman?
  • The Crazy Woman?
  • The Weird one?
  • Something Else?

Come On, Join in!


  1. This is what angers me, women who go through the same distasteful treatment don’t think twice before lashing it out on others just to be “blessed, approved and lauded” by the male members of the family.

    So many women live with horrible mother in laws, suffer dowry harassment, emotional abuse in the hands of their parents and society and if they are lucky enough to not witness these first hand, listen to the stories of many other women out there. Yet don’t bat an eyelid before dishing out the same treatment to their daughter in laws.

    Which is why I’m shocked to see that even now women consider their sons to be of higher importance than their daughters, defend their sons if they have raped or hurt other women.

    This is just sad.

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