Matthew 28:19-20

Posted under Relevant Biblical Verses.

Like Most of Us, Most Christian Preachers too prefer to Pick and Choose not only what they will live by, but also what they will Emphasise in their Teaching.

For instance, Christ’s words to Make People His Disciples and to Baptise them Implied NO Force or Violence. AND it carried the Injunction that ALL that HE had taught was to be Obeyed.

“19 Go, then, to All Peoples Everywhere and make them My Disciples: Baptize them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

20 And Teach them to Obey Everything I have Commanded You. And I will be With You Always, to the End of the Age.”

Many preachers prefer Just to Baptize, which seems to mean getting More people into their Congregations, which in turn would bring them more Collections.

Most TV Preachers teach People to ‘Pray.’ To Ask. The Do Not Emphasise, Enough, the Conversion, the Lord’s COMMAND to Love, Self Sacrifice, etc.


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