We are God’s Own People

Let None of us say “I have nobody,” or, “Nobody cares for me,” or any such.


The Lord had Liberally used the words – “My People.”

  • If anybody wants to say that He said that to the Israelites of that time, well, they were the Oppressed, the Down trodden.
  • God is on the Side of the Broken hearted, what society might call the Underdog.



Image: let_my_people_go__by_joulester pristine_world_book_illust

Pertaining to the Famous: “Let My people Go!” We have the Lord saying:

  • “I have seen how Cruelly My People are being treated.” Exodus 3:7.
  • “I have indeed heard the cry of My People.” Exodus 3:9.
  • “Lead My People Out.” Exodus 3:10.
  • My People will listen to what you say to them.” Exodus 3:18.
  • “When My People leave, they will not go Empty-handed.” Exodus 3:21.
  • Let My People Go!” Exodus 5:1, 9:1.

Now a few from the Prophet Joel.

  • My People will never be despised again.” 2:26,27. A Repetition!
  • “I will judge them for all they have done to My People.” 3:2.


Let us Not think that this Exhausts the number of times He has called Us His People in the Bible.

We are a Blessed People! Let us Live lives of Happy Confidence.

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