Ezra 9:7, …Because of our Sins

“Because of our Sins.”

“From the days of our ancestors until now, we, Your people, have sinned greatly. Because of our Sins we, our kings, and our priests have fallen into the hands of foreign kings, and we have been slaughtered, robbed, and carried away as prisoners. We have been totally disgraced, as we still are today.” Ezra 9:7.



The Israelites were supposed to be God’s Own People. Yet they had lived as Slaves during much of their History. And Maltreated Cruelly indeed.

Wondering WHY this seemed to be their lot, they came to understand that Much of what had happened to them did so because they had Sinned.

Much of the Ill that happens in Our life is Because of Sin too. (Note that I have said: ‘Much,’ Not All.)

And What is Sin? It is the Refusal to Love. It is Ignoring to Take the Trouble to Love, Care and to be of Use and Help.


The Lord had called the Israelites “My People.” Just for example: Exodus 3:7,9,10,18,21, 5:1.  Joel 2:26, 27, 3:2.

YET the Israelites spent nearly 830 years out of 2,000 of their History in Slavery! Slaves more than 40% of their history.

  • 430 years in Egypt,
  • (about) 70 years by the Rivers of Babylon, slaves to the Assyrians/Babylonians, till they get their freedom at the hands of Cyrus,
  • from c 333 BC to 63 BC, about 270 years, the Hellenistic rule,
  • and then under Rome! (about 60 years).

And, Slavery in No Joke; rather, as has Ably been put, it is: ‘slaughtered, robbed, and totally disgraced.’ (Ezra 9:7)

Before the Victor Carries Slaves away, here is what he does:

  • Kills off the Very Old. [They have to be fed, and taken care of in many ways. Simplest thing, get rid of them. A Sword run through their bodies would do the thing.]
  • Kills, in particular, the Babes in Arms. [The Women will be taken as Sex Slaves. Small Children in their arms would distract them. The Assyrians and the Babylonians had a very simple way of dealing with this. Dash the Child against a Wall or Rock. See Psalm 137:8-9.]
  • Loots and Carries away all he could. Burn the Rest. [So that they are not of use for those who have run away and hidden themselves, may be in the forests, to return later.] Searching for images for these, came across this, below, which happened just two months back, and very much along the veins I have described.

“Burmese Army’s 384th LIR razed 8 houses and pillaged properties belong to local residents in Ban Sau Mung village on April 27. Raw rice, generators, motorcycle, sewing machine and furniture that belong to villagers were burned.”

House burnt by Army!

Quote above and Image: kachinlandnews.com/?p=21672

And This had happened to the Israelites Time and Time again. Even when they were not carried away as Slaves, their land was the Battle ground of the Giants, Egypt and Assyria/Babylonia, as it was plumb in the middle of their path.

Egypt and Assyria

Though the map refers to a particular time period, it clearly shows the path the armies had to take. They could not have moved ‘as the crow flies,’ as water could not be had that way. …Result: Israel was the Battle field!


And then, when they came back to their land under Cyrus, Ezra and Nehemiah sort of ‘made’ them listen to the law. That ‘Listening’ to what is after all the Word of God appears to have made them Realize that their lot was so Because of their Sins.


Why Should things be Different for Us?


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