Many are Doing it Wrong!

While coursing through the list of those whom I follow, (I have 181 of them at present! – What’s the Use if I don’t follow some, when so many do me the honour of following me!), came across Elena‘s blog today.

She has written powerfully about people, particularly those in the catholic church, who give Religion a Bad name, though she puts it differently, of course.

I deliberately chose Not to Re-blog this, because, — now hear this, — her article is 4852 words long. Mine says 240. Shall give a reference to hers at the end of this post.

I Do differ from her in that it is Not only the catholic church that is doing it wrong. To read my own post on the Extreme love for money on part of the catholic church, please click here.

And, about francis, the present pope, for all his simplicity, he still sits on top of the vatican Bank, and its Museum.

But some pictures from her write-up really Clarify all that she wants to say:

vatican doing it wrong

Above, the vatican doing it wrong.

vatican bank doing it wrong s

The vatican Bank doing it wrong.

banks doing it wrong

The BANKS doing it wrong. And I agree with Elena in this. The BANKERS all want to keep gobbling More and More, BUT WANT TO RECEIVE COMMUNION, AND THEREBY BE CONSIDERED GOOD, EVEN MORE! The church just Obliges them, and thus Encourages them.

The next two pics show how WE are doing it wrong.

man, dog and sheep

WE are doing it wrong


The reference:


  1. Thank you very much for reading, commenting and for speaking your truth. However, I did say “ALL religions” and ALL “Holy men” aka actors, around the world. (I didn’t attach pictures of all other santa clauses in their mercedes, because that would have made my story even longer) But yes, Vatican, seats on top of others. Roman Empire never fell… well, maybe it did for a while, but now, it has expanded with the help of “religion”. For those who believe in Jesus, should know, that even he preached against ALL organized religions. I don’t belong to any group, not even “atheists”. I stand alone.

    all my love to you and yours.


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