The Burning Problem

“I’ve heard it over and over. “I came from the streets, nobody helped me.” Or, “I came from a a poor family, and look at me now.” Well, good for you. Now, help someone else since you’re doing so well.”

From the Blog. WELL worth the Read. Hearty Kudos to Jeremiah.



We live in a sphere of hypocrisy, in a world of vanity, lawless judgement and self-deified proclamations. It is within this sphere that we find the cries and fires of Baltimore, and the void within the hearts of those who condemn the condemned. This is the burning, and this is the problem.

Having traveled the globe, having seen third-world conditions first-hand as a young Marine, I had my eyes opened then to the world as it exists beyond the confines of my very limited world view at the time. It was then clear to me that the class and caste system that I saw in these countries creates a vast polarization between the privileged people, and those people who are less fortunate. At the age of 18…

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