How to be Happy!

There have been times when I have been Devastated. Even Literally Weeping, over Unnecessary things! Yet, even in those days, Methods I have learnt Not only kept my Sanity, but even gave me a modicum of Happiness. That is the ‘How’ that I share with You today.

It was Precisely on the day to which I have provided the link above, that I had to travel, by bus, for about 10 hours, at night. The One positive thing about the journey was that I found an Empty Seat, that too next to a window, a Real Rarity, particularly when You board a bus On the Way. But there were Plenty of Negatives.

First of all there was my Mental situation. (See link). Then, in the bus, I found that the ‘window‘ on my side, – which in India is just a piece of Plexi-glass, was Missing! Well, Open to God’s Good Air, what! But No. It was the Rainy season! …There were no other seats available; I could have stood in the Aisle of the bus, which was already crowded(!), or I could have remained in my seat. I chose to remain, with the Sleet coming on to me in its Merry Way. On top of it, I found that it was Dripping Right on my head! (Many of Our Indian buses are Famous for such things!)

Bus window missing!

[This picture is from the Net, of course. And these people are taking it Very Coolly, (Apathetically?!), in the way of Indians. But this does not appear to have occurred, in this instance, during the Rainy season.]

To go back and to Repeat, That was my situation.

How I kept myself Happy.

It is Possible to Achieve Happiness, and to Remain Happy, even in the Midst of the Greatest of Trials.

I Started Recalling, as I had learnt, the Happy Memories of my Life. I shall recount a few for You just now.

When I was studying Theology in Ranchi, one evening, I suddenly noticed some Children rushing towards me. Upon reaching me, They Surrounded me, Embraced me clutching at my legs (they were of that size!), and were looking up at me with Happy Faces! They Thrust something into my Hands, …Flowers! I learnt that these my Little Sweethearts had been Keeping these Treasures, Just to give them to me, since morning, when they had started for School! They were Wilted and Crumpled. But it made them all the more Precious! I kept them under my glass (pad) on my table, for a very long time.

wilted flowers

When my Nephew was about 8 years old, I had gone to visit them. At the end of the visit, my brother brought me by motor bike to the Bus Stand. My Nephew had accompanied us. After I got down, my brother started back, and my Nephew, in his turn, turned back towards me, holding on to my brother rather generous ‘waist’ with one hand, and Waving to me with his other, …Till – they – were – Out – of – Sight! I just stood there and Drank that Sight in.

My Nephew

This is the same Young man, Kenny, on a same kind of motor cycle!

When I had occasion to stay with my Uncle, my Sweet Little Niece, all of about 2 years old, would climb about 20 steepish stairs on her Fours and come to see me, many times a day. Oh, How She Loved me. To share the whole story, She Died within a few days of my leaving them. …Though this memory brings Tears to my eyes even as I type this, it is One of the Most Precious memories of Love in my Life. Horribly Bitter Sweet though this is, I Will recall it whenever I feel that there is No love in my life.

Happily, I have, and I had, even on that day, Enough Happy memories to last me the whole 10 hours!

Whatever Our Situation, We All, Do have Happy memories like these. Count Your Blessings, as they say. Recall Your Happy memories, Time and Again, whenever You feel You Need it. And this, my Dear Folks, is a Real Good Way to Be Happy. 🙂 For More on Happiness, here is a quick link. For Happiness over Pleasure, please click here. You could also search for the Word Happiness and find More posts. Here’s Wishing Happiness to You!


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