Luke 9:62

Hand to the Plough

There it is, nicely put in a picture! But What is wrong in looking back, say, at the parts You have ploughed? Personally I am a person, who, like an Artist, likes to step back a few, and Admire my Efforts; it Encourages me!

Christ’s words, “Who looks back after putting his hand to the Plough is not Fit for the Kingdom of God,” from the Context, refers to ‘Living in the Past.’

Jesus’ example and words do sound extremely quaint. But We are dealing with Bye-gone cultures, idioms and phrases. For more on Interpreting the Bible, please click here.

Whether We are Gloating over Our Past or Regretting it, are Not both these exercises an Absolute Waste of Time? Particularly if We are Staying in/on such Memories, or Turning Back to them Too Often?

To Recall Happy Memories IS Healthy, and even Necessary. But to keep Living in memories, in the Past, is Not OK. We have to Learn to Live in the Present. Enjoy What is Before Us; Do What is Necessary Now

On Living in the Present, let me present an Anecdote.

Betel leaves and box

Betel leaves and box. Image from Internet.

There was this old lady, who used to buy some Betel leaves everyday, lest she run out of stock. Upon reaching home, she Invariably found some of those leaves in the Betel box. Not wanting to Waste the Old ones, she would eat them first, and keep the new ones. This happened Every time! Thus She was always eating the old leaves! An Excellent Example of Living in the Past.

A person living in the Past, Constantly looking back, over his shoulder… Of What Use is he going to be in Establishing A Better World, God’s Kingdom? 🙂

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