Pushing Onwards!

Hello, my Friends! I share many things that happen to me in the Hope that my Experiences would be of some use to a Fellow Sufferer! 🙂

The last few weeks were what I can only describe as ‘Heavy’ ones for me. I had to ‘Plod along,’ ‘Push myself forward,’ and the whole thing was like Wading through Molasses!

It is not as if I was Depressed or anything. I started a New Page in Facebook, kept writing powerfully in that and in Twitter, and all that. But it was ‘Pushing myself Forward.’

Plodding along

Plodding Along, by Rachel Curran.

Really Many years ago, I read of a man who lived alone in the African ‘Bush,’ was bitten by some very poisonous snake, and had to reach the hospital. And it was raining Cats and Dogs. The hospital was quite a distance away, and he kept walking, walking, walking… for about 12 hours if my memory serves me right!

And the way he had described his walk had been that he had kept on ‘Putting One Bloody Foot After the Other Bloody Foot.’

This Philosophy has helped me Many times in my life. It is what I had been doing these past days! Happy, but Plodding along.

Whenever I do this, am reminded of Jesus words in Luke 9:62. The Verse needs quite a bit of Reflection to understand, though. For those interested in that, please click here. Though the Verse has its own particular meaning, for me it has also signified Holding on to the Plough (Whatever We have been given in life, particularly by way of Duty) and Keep Going Forward!

So Keep On, my Dear Friends! Down, may be, but Not Out! We Never say Die! 🙂


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