you’re going to vote, right?

This refers to Canada, but VERY much applicable to Everybody. I quote from the article below:

“The point is, they are trying to put in motion a law that tells you what you can and cannot wear. You might think, well it’s just religious symbols we can live without them in the workplace. But what about if they start to infringe on other things we wear, what if they start to control what we say and what we do.”

hearts on sleeves club

As many of you may or may not know I live in Montreal, Quebec. If you’re not from here I’m sure you’ve heard about all the drama that’s going on in this beautiful city , and if you haven’t, let me tell you. The PQ won minority last election and they are now trying to put in motion what they call “The Charter of Values”. They are also trying to get majority as if they don’t have enough power already and they’ve called another election on April 7th. I’m not here to lecture you on politics but I am here to tell you why it is so important that you vote.

First, I need you to think about the freedoms that we have. By freedoms I mean, our freedom of speech, freedom of thought, etc. These things don’t cross our minds because we are so used to them, they go…

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