How Much Charity Is Enough?

If We remember that the word ‘charity’ comes from ‘Caritas,’ which means Love, We will see that:

  • There can be NO end to Love,
  • That there can Never be a thing called ‘Enough’ Love, or Too much Love.
  • And in the Same vein, there can be NO end to Charity.

Found two Beautiful Cartoons from a site I have already shared with You, which Superbly bring out that:


Enough Love? Never!

Never enough Cuddles


Dsc_0278   Dsc_0199

Jesus was very specific in saying that His followers need to provide for and protect those who can’t take care of themselves. And He also pointed out that whoever does something good for someone else in His name is effectively doing it for Him.

A good reason to be charitable, don’t you think?

My wife and I contribute a percentage of our income to our church, and part of the church budget helps provide for people having special needs. In times of death or severe illness, we’re also apt to sign up to bring a meal to a family in need. And we have many needy people in our individual prayer lists.

Richmond has a special program called CARITAS. While I can’t remember what the acronym stands for beyond “Churches around Richmond,” I understand their purpose. To try to break the cycle of homelessness for as many people as…

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5 thoughts on “How Much Charity Is Enough?”

  1. I like the post you linked to. I also like your words here, and the two picture cartoons.

    Our darling Australian Cattle Dog, Lady, wanted to be petted and stroked endlessly. When I would stop petting her, she would put her nose under my arm and then fling my arm up on her back. That was her way of telling me she wanted more love.

    Lady lived in the house with us for eight years. She died in my arms three months ago. I did not know, before we got her, how human and child like a dog can be. She was right, we did not cuddle and pet and love her enough. There is never too much love. I miss her terribly. When Lady died, I cried very loudly and said her name again and again. For several minutes she was stiff and quiet and did not move and did not breathe. Then, as I loudly cried her name, she came back to life! She kicked her legs and she began breathing again! Lady lived and breathed for about five more minutes while I held her and told her I love her. Then she died again and did not come back.

    My husband and I have a new poodle puppy we found abandoned and starving on the road. We give him all the love and attention he wants. 🙂


    1. My Dear Alaina, Thank You very much for responding, and for sharing the Beautiful story of ‘Lady.’ It is touching indeed.

      But the post is NOT about out love for DOGS. Very frequently we love animals more, and more easily, than we do our fellow Human Beings.

      The post is about loving and DOING THE NECESSARY for our Poor ‘Have-Nots,’ WITHOUT LIMITS.

      Regards. Yesudas.


      1. Yes, I agree and understand that our love for people is far more important than our love for animals. I am sorry I lost sight of the focus of this post. The picture cartoons of the loving dogs led my mind to the recent sad loss of our sweet loving dog.

        I do believe that we can tell what is in a person’s heart by how a person treats the “dumb” animals. However, how we treat “the least” of our fellow humans is most important, for we humans have been made in the very image of God!

        Mother Teresa, whom I know you met, was one of the best examples of how we should embrace, love, and give practical help to “the least” among us. She understood that God created every unique, precious, priceless human being in His image. There has never been a human born who was not worthy and deserving of love, care, and respect. There is no person who ever born, who is unworthy of human kindness. I believe this is true. I know this is true. For I have been the lowest of the low, and yet I have no doubt that the great Lord and Savior loves even me.

        I often feel overwhelmed by how many people need help, and how much help they need. I am only one old grandmother and my husband and I do not have very much. How can we help when so many need so much? For my husband and me, I believe the answer is to pray and ask God to show us who to help and how to help them. When we follow His still small voice in this way, miracles seem to happen…. and we walk in love, peace, and joy!

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      2. My Dear Alaina, Thank You very much for that response.

        If I may be so bold as to suggest a few…

        Am sure You are already sharing out Your leftovers in the form of Food and Clothes to them.

        Encourage Your friends to do the same.

        We could give our TIME to talk to the Homeless. As does Dennis Cardiff.

        I read of a thing called ‘Sofa Surfing!’ If not a Sofa, if not a Mattress, just being Indoors can be a Great Relief and Comfort. Hope You could do that.

        Once again Thank You for sharing. Much Love and Blessings.

        Yesudas. 🙂

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