Weapon Manufacturers Not Christian, says Pope!

Hoor-RAY! NOW he is talking! Viva la papa! I had been thinking of leaving catholicism. I shall hold on a bit more and see if Francis has more.

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian.

The Hard Face of Pope Francis

I call this the Hard Face of Pope Francis. Much Appreciated, Francis. The World needs More of this. Blessings.



6 thoughts on “Weapon Manufacturers Not Christian, says Pope!”

    1. I would say he is Not Bad. (In England that is considered High Praise, or so I have read in P G Wodehouse)! But I sincerely believe it is not enough. He is like a man with 5 talents doing 2 talents worth of work.

      By the way, had visited Your site, but could not comment there, as they do not open in https. I like Your ideas and Your writing.

      Also, are You Robert, or Chester? Please inform. Regards. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for your comments.

        I understand what you mean about Pope Francis but given the leadership of the Church over the past few decades he brings hope and that id a real accomplishment from my perspective.

        And thank you for your comments on my writing and ideas. The validation goes a long way when I feel as if I’m losing courage.

        I’m a bit of a media buff…I see something and a dozen commercials and lines from old shows begin to sing in my head…

        When I was thinking of how to invite people to comment I wrote ‘Share with me…” and a little voice in my head said: “Chester.” So I looked it up and found that the line came from an old episode of the Golden Girls:

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      2. Thank You, Robert! (I am sticking to Your Real Name!).

        About pope francis, it is like the Indian saying, ‘Among the Blind, the one-eyed person is king.’ But it is not good enough to be ‘better’ when one can do more. So, am quite disappointed with him yet.

        A long time ago I learnt that We should not look for validations and likes. Because, to be Brutally Honest, MOST of the world is just average!

        People always take the Easy way out. They give ‘likes’ without reading, give Inane comments, just to get traffic, etc.

        I write in order to Influence People. And I have learnt that it is an Extremely Slow, Unappreciated, Unwanted and Thankless job!

        Have reached the stage where my Painstaking efforts are Enough by themselves. I do not look for Likes, etc!

        So, Keep in Mind the Reason for Your writing. It may be Catharsis, or whatever. Just keep writing!

        PS. I Never look at videos, as the internet is slow, and the costs high.

        Hearty Regards. 🙂


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