Romans 3.23

Posted under Relevant Biblical verses.

To Quote the verse, Romans 3:23, KJV.:

“For All have Sinned, and come Short of the Glory of God.”

Two things here:

1. It is a Wonder that this has to be Stated. Let us take Sin here in the Sense of Action or even Lack of Action, – as in Not Speaking out, Defending a helpless person, Not Helping an Injured, Helpless person, etc, – which brings about a Sense of having Acted in a Wrong way.

Child Abuse

For anybody who would take but a Moment to Think, it must be Apparent that We All sin, perhaps Most of the time by our Apathy. And,

2. The Word of God here is NOT saying We Had sinned, and that All our days of Sinning are in the Past. We have to keep in Mind that Sins of Inaction Abound in our lives. Our Concrete actions, or Lack thereof, to pictures like the one above are Proof of that.

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