Azhar Maqsusi feeds poor with his own money

Hats off to this Man, Azhar Maqsusi of Hyderabad! I would not hesitate to Touch his feet.

Azhar Maqsusi


I would say that MOST of Us can Feed At least ONE person Everyday. And Many of Us can feed Five People Every day.


There Would be Practical Difficulties. You might find them Flocking to Your Gate. Just tell them that You will Feed ONE person a day, or whatever, and that they should co-operate in this.

In the link, in the comments, there are many, many negative ones, which is Very Sad indeed.

We too could say that the Poor People are Lazy. That is NOT so. There may be a goodly percentage of the Lazy in the Poor, but Feeding the Hungry would only bring Us Blessings.

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