An Answer to the Martians from an Erthaling

We gotted a mail from the Martians, dated 19 January 2506. On be-half of all of us Er-thelings, am dissipating this letters to thems. (Reference below).


You Silly Martians,

Definitedly we gotten your letter. But if you think we is afraids, you have gotten 13 thinks coming.

This letter is from India, where your letter has landed. (That, by the ways, proves that our postel servises is the bestest, does it nots?) Here, on be-half of all Er-thelings, is our answers to yous.

We is not afraid of yous, at alls. Our prime minister has a 56 inch chest, and 24 guns, besides the 180 people surrounding hims.

modi's guns

Picture from Facebook.

yous speaks about garbages? THAT IS OUR BIRTHRIGHTS.

GARBAGE beside road

Photo from Internet.

In any cases, our prime minister is cleaning up ALL the garbages at every of his Photo Ops. People collect a few leaves, then our prime minister duly poses there with a broom in his hands. See? Proof!

modi cleans

Graphic from Facebook

Anyways, we is livings happily. Kindedly do not bother us for about 4 centureis for silly things like our landings on your plant. We needs that science to feed our hungry, who constituted just about 70% of our population.

Head in sand

Image from Internet.

So, you silly Martians, follow our example. Find some good sandy spots. Put your head inside whenever Dutiful thoughts bother you. This method has worked for us for centuries. Till We Start World War III or another Russian/French kind of revolution, We will live like this. Please do the sames.


Our Dear Co-Blogger ‘Martian’ posted this Excellent one. I wanted to Re-blog it, but then remembered that I cannot insert Graphics in the Re-blog. Here is the Reference to his post:


  1. This is a great post my dear friend! I really appreciate your kindness, thanks for your support, wait for the end of this series, i gonna make it something interesting!

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