Sexual Consent issues: Alli Kirkham’s 7 comics

Found this in ‘Bored Panda.’ Could not find a Re-blog button. Worth Seeing! Hence posting manually.

1. You are staying until it’s done

You are staying until it’s done

2. You said I could have it once


3. You said you liked it


4. You said you wanted it


5. You are my wife and it’s your duty


6. You owe me


7. You are asking for it



Source: Bored Panda, Facebook.


  1. Wow!! That’s deep. I’m glad the complexity of consent was put in so many different ways. Maybe this will make it easier for people to see exactly what they are doing. To look at the situation in an easier to read format. In these situations it really doesn’t need to be spelled out to understand that what is being expected is not acceptable. And it shouldn’t have to be spelled out to realize that it’s all a violation and is not acceptable in any case.

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    • Yes, my Dear Belinda, Alli has certainly brought things out in such a way that those who want it words of One syllable could also follow.

      As You say, it doesn’t need to be spelt out. But.

      The problem is Not that they do not know or understand. It is that they don’t care.

      Regards and Love. 🙂


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