Start with the Boys

A MUST Watch.
Kudos to Vogue and Team.


My version of WordPress does not allow the posting of Videos. Please search for ‘Vogue Empowerment Ads,’ in which You will see various versions of ‘Start with the Boys.’

It is Beautifully done, and Very Meaningful.

Just two minutes of it, too! Regards.


  1. Vogue Empowerment Ad

    So terrible and unfair. 😡 I felt like slapping those people in the face. Crying is a human emotion. It’s an innate emotion that we should not try to control because we were born with it. It is a marker for how we should or should not be. Tears mean something. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But they always teach us how we should treat people. If they are tears of happiness, we should create more moments where these tears can be shed. If they are tears of sadness, we should turn our attention to making that moment the last of its kind. We are human, and tears teach us how to communicate our humanness. Are we teaching boys not to have human emotions? Then what in turn can we expect?

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