Jesus and the Woman Caught in Adultery: John 8:2-11

This incident, well known even in Non-Christian circles, is, on the one hand, a Perfect example of the Pig Headedness of ‘Man,’ or in other words Male Chauvinism. On the other hand, it is a Superb example of Christ’s Teachings, and the way he answered His critics. And Teaching Supreme to Us, of course.

The Sanctimonious ‘Teachers of the Law,’ (what ‘law’ they must have taught!), and the Pharisees, those ‘perfect keepers of the law,’ – in this case, bring a Woman Caught in Adultery. The Judgement has Already been passed, by them and through them, to Carry out the Stoning.

woman caught in adultery and Jesus

They only want to Trap Jesus into saying or doing something that they could find Fault with.

Whereas there was Plenty that Jesus, or Anybody who knew the law of Moses, could have found Faulty in their Thinking, Speech and Behaviour, as in the case of this Judgement. Because, the ‘law’ on which they are relying, and which they would have quoted, says:

“If a man commits adultery with the wife of a fellow-Israelite, Both he and the woman shall be put to Death.” Leviticus 20:10, TEV, emphasis mine.

[In fact Many paragraphs of this chapter in Leviticus deal with Adultery, in Every case addressing the ‘man’ as the perpetrator. See Levi 20:10-21].

If somebody wanted to hold on to the clause ‘fellow-Israelite,’ the parallel verse in Deuteronomy 23:22 says:

“If a man is caught having intercourse with another man’s wife, Both of them are to be put to Death.”


Those who are Questioning and Challenging Jesus are supposed to be Teachers and Experts of the law (of Moses). As such they Would and Should have known the above. Yet they have twisted it, bringing the punishment Only on Women. That is why I call this Male Chauvinism, etc.


Given all that, If those who have sinned are to be stoned, there would be Nobody left on Earth. That is Why Jesus said:

Let him who is without sin caste the First stone.”


  1. Excellent point. So many are quick to condemn the actions of others without first looking at their own actions. Sometimes I just wonder which messenger is being most heard when people say they love and follow Jesus or actively read the Bible. So many people read the Bible. Many have memorized passages Word for Word. But very few live by the actual messages in the teachings and actions of Jesus. 10 people can read the exact same passage and interpret it 10 different ways. But I think most of us know what we are supposed to focus on and learn from. I think it’s the actual positive messages we should be connecting with. If it can’t be done with love, I believe that it is not worth doing–certainly not in the eyes of the God I believe in.

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