Children as Victims of War


  • Political heads with dreams of World Domination, who wage wars, declared and undeclared,
  • Religious heads, as in the times of the Crusades, and modern ones, who Brainwash their followers to Blindly Attack, torture and Kill, (continued below)

The Inquisition

This picture of the Inquisition is also from Gian’s site, though from another article:

Memorial to Child War Victims

  • Happy Owners of Factories of Weapons of Mass Destruction,
  • Senior officers in the Military who use the lower ranks as ‘Pawns.’
  • Scientists who find Technology which is used for Weapons of Mass Destruction, And in which they Co-operate.
  • Soldiers who go Berserk and gun down companions. [This happens not only when the Soldier is Stressed from Combat Situations, but Mostly when the Needs, particularly the Psychological Needs of a Soldier are not taken care of Well.]

All those in the ‘list’ above, and many more, of course, ‘contribute’ to ‘producing’ War Victims, in the form of Widows and Orphans.

We have to Remember that the War Victims exist not just in Syria and Iraq, but in Western countries and in russia too. Which country does Not have them? We send our troops as Peace Keeping forces, and find that some have been killed by some hot head.


What WE can do about this:

1. On the one hand, it is Puerile to order the closure of all Defence Efforts.

The Jews, at one period of their history, had refused Even to Defend themselves on the Sabbath.

“The Jews did Nothing to Resist; …they did not even Block the Entrances to the caves where they were hiding (lest they profane the Sabbath). The Enemy Attacked them on the Sabbath and killed the men, their wives and their children.” Passim, From 1 Maccabees 2:35-38. Comment mine.

So the Jews found that they had to Fight even on the Sabbath.

As such, One side becoming Passive, (called Peaceful) is No Guarantee that the evil minded will step down attacks. Defence Efforts must go on, given that there are enough elements which dream of World Domination.

Given that Too many Countries possess Enough Weapons to Destroy not just the enemy, but the World – Many times over, Serious thoughts have to paid to De-Escalation. And politicians are NOT going to do that unless Goaded by Us, the Citizens.

Thus, Demanding Our governments to give up the Arms race is something We Can and Should do.


2. The Second thing that We can Do is: Open our Homes to these Victims, the Widows and the Children, Adopt them, Give them a Home. And I do not mean a Home for the Destitute. …Would We Dare? Do We have Enough Love?

I have a Perfect example of a Lady who took Four of her Friend’s children into her Home upon the Demise of her Friend. Graphic from post mentioned below.


Mom Adopts All 4 Of Her Best Friend’s Daughters After She Died Of Brain Cancer

It was certainly Not a case of War Victims. But Taking Children, Other People’s Children, into Our Homes is Possible; It is Done, and it is Just a Question of being Ready to face the New Challenges, of which there are Sure to be Plenty.

So, Please Adopt a few Helpless ones.


This my post is Inspired by:

[I do not know how this is happening, but Many sites in the Present WordPress do not seem to have Reblog buttons. Hence I have copied and pasted his post below. It is Extremely short. Just the words which give in Bold letters:]

According to the United Nations children’s agency 14 million children are suffering because the war in Syria and Iraq.

No Easter eggs for them.

The photograph of the Memorial to the Children, Victms of War, above, is from this article.


Alas, one wishes that this Highly Effective post by Gian(?) could be called Sweet. Easter Eggs are after all sweets. For Children and Widows, Victims of War and other kinds of Violence, Not even Eggs of the Ordinary kind are Easily Available. It IS in Our hands to give them not just Eggs and Easter Eggs, Love, Care, Attention, and above all, a Home.



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