14 Year old saves his Dog from Icy Waters!

ANIMAL PLANET showed the video of a 14 year old young man – By his Courage he has earned that Title! – who made Multiple attempts to Save his dog from Icy Waters.

His Dog had wandered off into Icy Waters, was too far to be rescued from the shore; and the Ice was too thin to support humans. The Young Man and another fell into it when they first attempted a rescue.

The Dog was finally Rescued when a Lady Veterinarian Doctor volunteered to Slide across the Ice, fell in the Icy Waters herself, yet pushed the Dog to the shore. So this is the Story of the Lady Doctor too.

It does not end there. The Young Man jumped into the Waters once again to pull the Lady Doctor back!


Tried my best to find graphics of that Rescue. Did not work. Am giving a picture of another Brave Man saving his dog from similar situations.

dog rescued from Icy waters



Salutations to All these Brave and Loving People!

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