17 thoughts on “ONE Act of Kindness a Day!”

    1. My Dear Raphaela, the name You have taken for Your site, ‘Magnanimity,’ applies to You very well indeed!

      Your Daughter, Most Beautiful and Sweet person that she is, is a Champion of Sharing Love.

      My Love and Regards to You both. 🙂


  1. Kindness is a beautiful investment. Though not necessarily in monetary terms. Even if I offer a seat to an elderly, I do hope that somehow, the kind gesture will be get forwarded to my Mom when she’s in need of it.
    So, would such a kind act (made with a hope of reward) still hold good, in your opinion?

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    1. Sure, and Why not, my Dear Sweety! But! It would have be bigger to be a Game Changer, which is what We need!

      Though Monetary help is not a big thing, but it is NEEDED in today’s world. Think of the man in the post asking for Food for his two little girls.

      Also, I still dare and challenge people to Open their Homes to the Poor. (I am not saying it would be without problems).

      Love and Regards. 🙂


      1. Krishn was a wordsmith. He could say words that leave people weaving different interpretations.
        Were you referring to Krishn’s idea of kindness or his views on inviting strangers within the hearth?


      2. It used to be. But in today’s times, its risky. Of course, it would depend on circumstances – like if neighboring building was on fire and the inhabitants needed shelter till their homes were restored – yes, I would invite them in.
        But strangers? No, I wouldn’t try that. Better safe than sorry.


      3. Sure, my Dear Sweety! Can’t and Won’t blame You.

        Mystery Reader that I am, I have read enough Horror stories of People entering houses and creating all sorts of Nasty experiences for the Dwellers.

        Not Advised for those who live alone.

        But You COULD try what this man Zach did! 🙂


    2. 2. Acts of Kindness of a way of Producing a ‘Glow’ to the ‘giver.’ We can get lost in that, keep Basking in that.

      To be NI-Svaarth, (Selfless; just explaining it to the Non-Indians!) We have Give in such a way that it HURTS us. That is what Mother Teresa, that Champion of Kindness, said! 🙂

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