ONE Act of Kindness a Day!

ONE act of Kindness a day will change 365 lives a Year. 

Provided the Acts are Substantial and Meaningful ones!

Come On! Let’s be Generous!

Even if We remain a Teeny Weeny bit Poorer, We would have Gained in Happiness and Satisfaction!

ONE act of kindness a day

From Facebook.


    • My Dear Raphaela, the name You have taken for Your site, ‘Magnanimity,’ applies to You very well indeed!

      Your Daughter, Most Beautiful and Sweet person that she is, is a Champion of Sharing Love.

      My Love and Regards to You both. 🙂


  1. Kindness is a beautiful investment. Though not necessarily in monetary terms. Even if I offer a seat to an elderly, I do hope that somehow, the kind gesture will be get forwarded to my Mom when she’s in need of it.
    So, would such a kind act (made with a hope of reward) still hold good, in your opinion?

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