Try not. Do.

So Ok, this is a Very Good one. So I am not going to ‘Try’ to Reblog this, (particularly when that option is open)! I am just going to DO it! 🙂

Am I Nuts?

As big of a geek as I am, I’ve never really thought about those immortal words given to us by the wise Yoda, but I probably should have. Most people know the quote as “Do, or do not. There is no try.” I prefer my version better.

We all know “try” exists, we’ve all done it. “I’ll try to quit smoking. I’ll try to lose weight.” Inevitably, we fail because we tried.

When we TRY, we open ourselves to the possibility of failure, acknowledging the fact that it is an option. We tend to allow ourselves excuses, but at least we tried. I myself have TRIED to quit smoking, and I’ve failed every time. “Today was too stressful. I was too bored, I need something to distract me.” My biggest one: “It’s just too hard.”

I know quitting smoking is hard, but necessary. I also know that it is possible…

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  1. That’s quite a perspective, and I agree. “Try” is after all a try. “Do” will take you on a journey where success and failure may mean the same . Thanks for sharing this. How have you been? Take care.

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