Pay attention when you are selecting Plastic Bottle

This post made me get up and go check a few bottles I have had lying around. And All of them had the symbol for no. 1, At the Side.

Problem: Like too many Indians, I too have been using Soft drink bottles to Carry Water around. (I, for one, refuse to buy bottled water for rs. 20 a go, and who knows How much hard metal and bacteria THAT has released during its shelf life)!

For all the Cast Iron Stomachs of Us Indians, maybe it is time to think of Alternatives. But I can’t think of Workable ones.

THE WORST THING in all this is that BABY BOTTLES are made of type 7, the most dangerous kind. I wonder what and whose ‘wisdom’ it is that designs and dishes out these things. Don’t they have Children?

It should have been the simplest thing for the HEALTH MINISTRY to control these things. But no, give enough money to the minister and one can dish out shit. …We should Tie up Health Ministry officials and make them Eat and Drink these things.

I had recently bought some so called ‘Water Bottles,’ supposed to be from the company ‘Milton.’ (Who knows ‘which’ Milton this one is, Sigh). These ‘Water Bottles’ too are carrying the no. 1 symbol. Sigh again. Oh, World, my World.

The above thoughts being mine, this is a Reblog of the following:

Pay attention when you are selecting Plastic Bottle.

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