Two extraordinary ordinary men

It is People like these who make the World go Round, otherwise Mother Earth Herself might have rebelled.

And WE can be like them too. Kudos to Dr. Sweety on this her post.

Impractical Dreamer

Have you ever been on a moral high horse and been kicked off it? Happened to me twice in the same day by 2 different men.

Perfectly ordinary men. A laundryman. A taxi driver.

  • Scene 1: Morning door bell. Ever-smiling pleasant laundry man. Today he had a taut half smile, an apology and a regret.

He wouldn’t be around to launder my clothes for a month. Going to his village.

My son died today morning,” he said in a dazed voice.

As I struggled with the right words of compassion and condolences, he assured me

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