911: The alarm clock of human consciousness

My Dear T,

Much of what You say it True. But.

Here I quote You:

‘The western world had been sleeping to the way the rest of the world was living along with the atrocities carried out by the United States Government and everything was about to be exposed.’

The mistake lies here. It is not (just) the western world. It is ALL the world. It is the Churches, and Religious Institutions, which have the Mandate to form Values, and in which they gloriously Fail.

It is US, who choose to be in a Hangover in a Class, listen to anything but the Class, Take the Least bit of Interest in Governance, and then Blame the government, forgetting that WE are it.

WE have to take the Masks off OUR OWN Minds.

911: The alarm clock of human consciousness.


  1. I find that each day I experience the more it seems nothing makes sense any more. People of all ages have felt that things were worsening all the time yet the world continues. Is humankind always at the precipice of collapse ?


    • My Dear Carl, Thank You for the comment.

      I used to think that the situation in India is Horrendous, but, seeing the Homeless in the States and in Europe, see that the situ is very much the same everywhere.

      I think Mankind has not just been on the brink, but has gone through multiple ‘extinctions,’ as evinced not just in the Bible, but also in the writings of other religions.

      But NOW we have a better chance to get back from these precipices. For me, Social Involvement seems to be the answer.

      Question the church leader, the political ones, the judges, all those to whom authority has been given by Us to do Common good, and which they use just for their benefit and good time.

      Allowing them to take us to the precipice is the mistake that WE commit! 🙂

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