Communal Riots: How and Why


Communal riot, bus burnt

  • It is not that the Common Man’s means of transport has been damaged.
  • Any Repair or Replacement comes from EVERY Citizen’s pocket. 

Communal riots, cars burnt

The Well to do are WELL Affected too!

Communal riots, business affected

Here is another instance of How even the Well to do are affected; Business is Affected and Business Suffers.

All images from the Internet.


I am not trying to Analyse or go into Depth over the Problem. Came across this report, which says:

Pieces of animal carcass and bones dumped in places of worship, religious processions through communally sensitive areas and attempts to redraw old fault lines.” (Reference at bottom, emphasis mine).

To further clarify the words which I have in Bold characters, that means Pieces and Bones of COWS are dropped/dumped in HINDU places of Worship, and those of PIGS, taboo for MUSLIMS, are dropped in their places of Worship.

Also, Religious Processions are Deliberately routed through Sensitive areas.

And Who does these things? Our Dear Politicians, in search of more Votes for themselves and for their Party. Once again I quote from the article:

“The poll pot may have begun to boil in Bihar, but what’s been really bubbling in the state since the JD(U) and BJP split on June 18, 2013 is a series of deliberate attempts to polarise the atmosphere on communal lines.”

What if even Lives are Lost? They are protected by their large police contingents, as well as by their private goons.


In today’s Day and Age, We are Not just supposed to Keep Ourselves Informed about things, but We are Also supposed to Act on them.

Vote for the Good Parties, like the AAP. Speak out, Write about these things, and participate in Social Action.


Reference to article:

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