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boy with confederate flag

But I think this is like saying I am holding a memory of the day my grandpa broke my grandma’s teeth. Bad things do not deserve a celebration, a commemoration.

Also, involving young children in things they cannot understand is like protesters sending children to throw stones at the police.


One recent thing in Indian news is the Murder of a so called thinker, who had endorsed the view that there is nothing wrong in Urinating on a Religious Idol.

In Tamil Nadu, the Dravidians say ‘There is No God,’ and that the one who thinks otherwise is a Fool.

But where does Personal Freedom have its limit?


If a fellow says he wants the ‘Freedom’ to hit me, he has to Remember that I too would have the Freedom to hit him back. Period. If he cries Foul, he would be a Fool. Horse Sense.


This is with reference to:

Rebel flag about “heritage, not hate,” rally organizers say

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