How to clean a vacuum thermosflask

A Very Useful post! I asked for it, and Ushasree came up with this in No Time! She seems to be Quite a Good Home Scientist! 🙂

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A vacuum thermos flask can be easily cleaned without much effort using these methods.

Method 1 of 4: Tea Method1

  1. Hang one or two teabags in the flask.
  2. Pour boiling water in the flask, fill up completely.
  3. Screw the cap on.
  4. Let it sit overnight.
  5. Pour tea out of the flask.
  6. Rinse flask with clear water.

Method 2 of 4: Eggshell Method2

  1. Break some eggshells into small pieces.You can grind the eggshell into a powder if you wish to.
  2. Put broken egg shells into the flask.
  3. Fill up the flask part-way with clean cold water.
  4. Close the cover securely and shake the flask for 30 seconds.
  5. Open the cover and remove the contents from the flask. If the stain is not completely gone, repeat steps 2 through 4.


Method 3 of 4: Baking soda and vinegar

  1. Put about 1” of vinegar and few drops of lemon into the bottom of the thermos
  2. add 1…

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