EACH Citizen, SHOULD, Actively be Involved in Politics!


EACH of Us, EACH Citizen, Should, ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.

True, politics has been called Dirty, and IS dirty. But We have to believe that We can Change this.

A person standing as a candidate for an election comes with Folded hands. And he leaves with something like 300 Crores! That is YOUR Money, and Mine. The money that should have gone into providing Electricity, Better — Pot-hole-less Roads, Buses that don’t Rattle, More Trains and What not.

The politicos WILL keep looting Us Unless they are challenged. It is NOT enough for Us to Cast Our votes and Hope for the Best. Each of Us CAN and Should devote at least Half an Hour each day, garnering support and Speaking Out.

Each Citizen Should ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.


Am attaching below, a fair number of photographs, all from the internet, depicting politicians campaigning, in the Tried and Tested manner of ‘folded hands.’ This gesture should signify Humility, which it does not, in their cases! Well, in Most case, anyway. Also, it is Not Implied that Only those shown here behave in this way.

The second set of photographs show their wealth, or its increase, after becoming politicos. Gold Shirts, Garlands of Currency Notes!


good ole modi

good ole modi!





Take note of the man, second from left in this picture.


Where is he looking?

Nothing New!

Nothing New!


Victory taken for granted. The Victory signs! And why not? It is not just the joined hands. Money has been ‘poured’ in luring voters. TWO spotlights on the ‘candidate.’ Enough loud speakers to deny You the ability to think. 😦

Help us to Draw Your Blood

Help us to Draw Your Blood! And thus, fianally:

Great Indian Tamasha

A Jolly Time is had by them all. Sigh.


The point is, like in Chemistry, What Happens Next?

Gold shirt man

he is known as the Gold-Shirt man. Yes, his shirt is really made of old. And all the chains and things he is wearing are made of gold too.

Garland of Currency notes
Chief Minister of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati (C) waves as she receives a garland made of Indian Rupee banknotes worth 1.8 million Indian Rupees (36,000 USD) in Lucknow on March 17, 2010. A political party, championing the cause of poor low-caste Indians, has presented its woman chief with a second garland of bank notes, unfazed by protests against her for wearing a similar garland earlier. Mayawati Kumari, the chief minister of India’s most populous Uttar Pradesh state, sparked public outrage on March 14, when she was photographed with the gigantic garland made of 1,000 rupee (20 USD) notes at a rally in state capital Lucknow. AFP PHOTO/STR

Well, the attached note says it all.

With tiara

she is showing off her Tiara, to boot. And now for the Most Interesting picture:

70% of India

I would say 70% of India lives thus. In such poverty, if not on the street like this. If somebody wants to say Only 50% live like that, it is Ok by me.


Each Citizen Should ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.



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