Ponca City Times – A Reblog

Once again I failed to find the Reblog button. Giving You the link at the bottom.

I liked this post for many reasons:

First of all, it mentions a Statue, erected Especially in Honour of Women, “in appreciation of the heroic character of the woman who braved the dangers and endured the hardships incident to the daily life of the pioneer and homesteader,” as the site puts it.


Then We have the story of the man who ‘Struck’ it rich, yet had the Heart of Gold, E.W. Marland, (the statue in white, surrounded by pink flowers) who “was always very kind to his employees and pioneered employer paid insurance, eye care, and dental bills.  He even built homes for many of his employees.”


Except in these Rare cases, those who made it rich have had no thought or concern about their Poorer Brethren. He who has 3 factories is sad if he cannot open one more!

If the Rich took better Care of the Poor, at least they would not be Sad! (Taking Care of the Poor would also mean Educating them with regard to Hard Work, Application and Many other things).

I also like Old and Stately buildings.

My Kudos to Tony Smith on this post.

Ponca City Times


  1. That is a very interesting post by Tony Smith, and as you say Baba, what a good employer and very caring man. He did not forget how people struggled. It’s one of the things I enjoy when reading blogs – to visit places I’d never otherwise see, and learn more about people. x

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  2. I am poor ( money) .I think it is by choice, but is it? When I give some money to a beggar on the street, am I not giving to myself? Is that not me standing there in need?
    I have never been rich but I have “owned” some land. The brother to greed is “owning”
    Then comes ” tresspassers” who trouble the “owner” and after that unwanted solicitors.
    Soon “owner” must toss in bed. What is solution to trespassers? must then call police to come and do what “Owner” washes hands of and will not do himself. Police shoots and kills trespasser.
    Sometimes Tresspasser kills police and flees. Owner thinks he shares no responsibility in this violence. Who is poorer the masses who follow the fools…or the fools who lead the masses? I ask ( myself) who is poorer the man I hand money to or the man who calls others to solve a problem he created or the man ( me) who understands none of this?

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