The Saga of a Dying Dog

Scant 50 metres from my place, in the second next compound in fact, people who had been living there had put up a Barbed-wire fence. There is plenty of it around, so what they did is not too uncommon.

About 2 o’clock this afternoon, I heard our neighbour’s dog fighting another dog. Mine is a largish compound, with many open places, where stray dogs can take up dwelling, which I do not want. Anyway, I went to investigate. By then the dog fight was over, but after some time, I hear the whimperings of a dog.

I found that a Stray bitch was caught in the barbed wire. Her Udders are caught there. When I went closer to look, she snarled at me in fear and pain.

I called a few village youth, and they came and tried to release her. But as she bit them, they went off, leaving her as she is.

[India is not a country where You can phone up the Fire service or such for these matters. They would laugh at You, and even abuse You if You phone them for these things.]

I placed a little (cooked) rice that I had on a leaf near her, but I found that she did not eat that. The pain is too severe, I guess. …It is now 8:45 at night, and she is still there, still caught and still whimpering.

I doubt I shall be able to sleep much tonight. I am too Sad.

I only pray that God may her a quick release.


[Happily, there is a sequel to this. The dog is Released from the Fence. For that, please click here.]


  1. Awh, that upsets me too. I went to college in 2009 to be a Veterinary Office Assistant. I have a huge heart for animals. I have two kitties of my own. In Saskatchewan, Canada you won’t find stray dogs often, you’ll come across the odd stray cat. Most of the cats roaming around the city belong to home owners and they are outside/inside pets. We also have a SPCA service, a shelter for homeless animals. Our city provides lots of care for animals. There are animal rescue teams in Saskatoon, SK as well. They would DEFINATELY be on their way to save that poor dog in a hurry. Once that dog is picked up, the rescue team takes it to the SPCA and we actually have a low income clinic where they will spay/neuter the animal and keep it in shelter for a new owner. 🙂

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    • That is all very nice to hear, my Dear Danica!

      In an ideal world, AFTER the Homeless Humans have been cared for, all help that can be rendered to Animals would be Most welcome.

      While I am sincerely upset to see this dog suffer, I am More concerned about the HUGE, HUGE number of the Homeless, the Abandoned Humans in this world.


      That is Who and What We Are. I wanted to show it by this post.


    • Am still trying to phone up people.

      …I could have done it, had I been younger. Now, am not Nimble enough for these things.

      Getting bitten is Not a choice for me; as I live alone, I cannot even take the chance of getting hospitalized.


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