Some Good News wrt the Dog

I had kept trying phoning up people to come and release the Dog. I called up one Shanmugam, a person on whom I have found I can always depend, and asked him to come with another person. In the meantime I kept feeding her some biscuits and rice, which she now accepted from me.

My idea had been that one of them would throw a sack over her face and hold her head, while the other released her from the barb. And by the way, she was caught by her skin on her side, and not by her udders, for which I am very glad. The other would have been too painful.

Shanmugam turned up alone, not having found anybody ready ‘to release a dog.’ They were all worried about getting bitten. No super thick ‘gloves’ available in India so easily, after all.

I would say Shanmugam was over eager, in spite of being some fortyish. He threw his own shouldler towel, a rather thin piece of cloth over her face, and tried to catch her head, though he was good enough to keep talking to her. But he only got bitten in the process, and left.

Finally it turned out there Is some man of odd jobs available in the village, who could do the needful. But what he started to do was Gruesome. He had attached a small Sickle to a longish stick, and was trying to cut off the piece of skin that was attached to the fence.

This was something Too Painful for me to watch. I went into my room. The Dog had put up quite a fight. The man had a hard time doing what he was trying.

Finally he succeeded, and the Dog is Free after nearly 23 hours. It ran off, only to have many dogs in the surroundings attack her. I do believe she escaped them too, and went off.

My neighbour and I gave the man 50 rupees each, which I do not grudge..


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