Reported: Mis-Use of Burkha (Hijab)

Mankind’s FIRST Desire is for Peace. That is Why even the Biggest Criminal bosses surround themselves with so much ‘security,’ so that they are not troubled and bothered!

At the Same time, there are Enough who are Evil enough to Delight in Disturbing the Peace, going to Great extents to do so. All for what ‘they’ think is Right. The Inquisition, Crusades, the ISIS and the Demolition of the Babri Masjid come to mind at this.

I read the following in Facebook. Source and Reference at Bottom.

It seems a hindu man had thrown meat and parts of what was Immediately Identifiable of that of a Cow in the Premises of a Temple, Doing all this while Wearing a Burkha (Hijab).

A Clear case of Inciting Communal Violence, as the people would jump to the conclusion that the Beef had been thrown into the Temple area by a Muslim. That was the purpose of wearing a Burkha, after all.

I am Very Glad there were at least ‘some’ officials who took this man into Custody.


Also, this IS the Way the Indian police handle Culprits.

burkha misused aburkha misused bburkha misused c


To be Honest, these things are Not Common. It is the work of a Misguided Young Man. [As was Kasab, after all.] Yet this man could not have done so much without some ‘Backing.’

Reference: …(See the post of September the 29th).


    • My Dear Imran, went to Your post and had a look see. …Two points.

      Please, Always, write in shorter paragraphs. People like me have difficulties in reading such long paragraphs. That is why paras are invented, in the first place.

      Secondly, Fundamentalism is not just and simply sticking to Fundamentals. Fundamentalism is a negative word.

      I stopped reading when I came to the word ‘Fundamentalism.’ It is wrong whoever does it, of course.


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