2 Things

[ This is a Violent Post. It is Only for those who would Dare. ]

2 Things have been on my mind these days.

Our Situation, and The Solutions

The Same thing can be put as The Situation, and A Song.


Regarding the First, Our Situation,

Our governments treat what We would consider as Major Issues as minor points. Not Swa-Rajya at all.

A man is Lynched and Killed, and Horrible things happen to his Family, All done Over Unsubstantiated Rumours.

About this, the ruling party’s statement is that it was all done on the heat of the moment. In short, of No Great Moment. For them.

family of man killed over rumours of having eaten beef

Reference and Image from: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-34398433


A Similar, and Extremely Ugly and Disturbing statement is With reference to Rapes and Killings. One minister has said: ‘Boys will be boys.’

Cartoon on Rapes in UP

A Cartoon by the Famous Artist Kureel.

I have numerous posts on this Highly sensitive issue. You may click here for the First on the series; here for the Second, and here for the Third.


Another part of the Situation is that


I do not believe this is so in Any other part of the world. Ok, stalin, maybe. But the world of mao, Nepal a few years ago, saddam hussein, et al, were NOT, Are Not, Democracies. Whatever they might have said.

India, Professing to be a Democracy, hailing itself as the Largest Democracy in the World, resorts SO much to Violence. People going against the Ruling parties are Simply Done Away with. With Impunity.


minister at feet of jaya, as she laughs

The woman is jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu. And the one struggling to fall at her dirty feet is one of Tamil Nadu’s ministers!

The Tragedy is that she laughs. And both the men in the picture have swallowed their pride, if they had Ever had anything called by that name.

…But Survival is Not Living.

If We are Ready for Such Slavery, such Sychophancy, WHAT WAS THE NEED TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM? What had We Lacked, except the Right to Make Our Own SALT?

But the Horror of the Situation is that YOU CAN GET KILLED If You raise up certain Issues.

All the Above can be said to Constitute the Situation of Our Lives.


As Regards the Solutions, Well, One of them anyway, and in my opinion The Best, is that We Receive Strength from the Divine.

Among the Hundreds of songs that I have on my computer, these days I have listening to: “Shine, Jesus, Shine,” quite well rendered in the copy I have.

I have a habit of listening to these songs Repeatedly indeed, letting them play on for Hours, and frequently let that carry on for Days!

And one of the Lines I Like in this Song, One that Strikes Chords in my heart is: “Set Our Hearts on Fire!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The above graphic depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Burning with Love for us.

We NEED the Power, and Even Intervention of God in Our Lives to Live Meaningful, Powerful, Useful lives.

Let’s Just let these Sentiments Live in Our hearts. Our prayers Asking the Divine to give us Courgare and Strength, Will Be Heard.


[ Most of the time we just listen, even to Such  songs, just for the enjoyment they provide, not for the Religious Sentiments; or the Benefits they can provide.

Our Loss.

Also, Clapping and Cheering at the end of Songs of Religious Import takes away the Whole Effect. This has to be Absolutely Avoided. ]


We are Also Apathetic. Which is Pathetic. This is part of Our Situation, of course. We are Not living Lives of Lions, which is Possible, and to be Desired. We are living like Jackals.


Have We Noticed that neither Animal Planet, nor Discovery, or the National Geographic carry programmes on the Jackal. That’s How Lowly it is considered to be.


The Good News is that We Can Change Ourselves.

We Need Not Continue living as Jackals.

5 thoughts on “2 Things”

  1. The solution : we( common janta must think twice before participating in any mass action, riot. We at least ask once to ourself what the mass is doing is good or not. Is it in the favor of humanity?
    Asking question(logical ) on situations by self and other may not make this kind of riot more. As we all know harming humanity is not permitted by any religion by any God .
    Think before doing any do anything .


    1. You are Right, my Dear Pooja, that We, the Common People have to think twice before participating in any Action. That is How Dirty things have become.

      But We HAVE to take Action; otherwise, Our Children and Grand Children will NOT have a Future.

      Hearty Regards.

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