HOW MUCH are You against this; Show it in Numbers.


This picture, from Facebook, Speaks a Thousand words. The Tamil words to not even need a Translation.

Apathy Supreme

HOW MUCH are You against this sort of Mentality? This Uncaringness? This Apathy? A 100%? I would be Very Grateful if Your would register Your voice in protest, in Comments, Please. Regards.



      • It is True that Life was not held in High Regard in India, and that Each Single Life was considered High in the West. But the West has started emulating the East now in this regard.

        In the communist countries, as in other dictatorships, Human Life is Fodder, of course.

        The picture actually depicts an Imaginary scene in the West. The Skirt on the Lady on the street proves that.

        To me, this is all due to the Decline of Religious Values, and I attribute this to the Failure of Religious Leaders.

        And Yes, You are Very Right. It IS Sickening.

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      • Not Fully, Not Always!

        Good things get not just Dormant, but even thrown out because Mankind is Absolutely Lazy. It is Only the Few who are the Real Pillars.

        What is Needed is the ‘SATAT Prayaas’ as Buddha put it, failing which We AUTOMATICALLY Keep Sliding Downwards.

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      • Very true. But God erred in his design somewhere – he ought to have designed reward formula better than punishment formula.
        For example, good things should get faster and lasting rewards , so they’ll act as better stimuli for more & more people to follow. Instead what we see all around is evil things being rewarded.
        Yes, I know we should act without expectations – but it is isn’t always humanly possible. Average humanity will base behavior on reward-punishment scale.

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      • Thanks for that my Dear Sweety. But, for me, as a Christian, God, as the Highest AND the Perfect Being, is Un-errable. He can do Nothing Wrong.

        Not Just Christians, but Mankind has accepted the Existence of the Divine. In India, in (popular) Religion, We see the ‘devtas’ going to the Trinity of Brhama-Vishnu-Mahesh, even for protection. This develops in philosophy taking man as the self, and the Supreme Being as the Absolute.

        The Absolute cannot even be Understood by the Puny Human brain.

        There ARE punishments and rewards. But even here, Mankind is SO foolish, it will accept All that Glitters as Gold.

        Mankind’s fault!

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